Walk Softly and Carry Scissors

October 28, 2008

As Fall approaches, the weather gets crisp and the stores are stocked with new coats and blazers, just waiting to be purchased.

Throughout the course of my day I find myself behind a number of people. Be it on the subway, the streets of NYC or in line at the grocery store, I seem to be constantly faced with my biggest pet peeve on a near daily basis: People who don’t remove the loose stitching on the back of new coats and blazers (as well as women’s skirts) that holds the vents closed for transport and sale. Like feared mattress tags, these can and should be removed before use by the consumer. I know it’s scary, but please, PLEASE for the good of all people who walk behind you, remove this thread and enjoy the freedom that comes with not having me blog about you behind your back.


One Response to “Walk Softly and Carry Scissors”

  1. babiesgottahaveit said

    Oh dear. I fear I may be one of these people…I’m kind of a scaredy cat when it comes to snipping seams. I get scared even to open pockets. Ironic given the fact that I recently hacked off my baby’s bangs with craft scissors. Or else totally appropriate…bad things happen when I walk with scissors!

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