Exercising Some Unused Muscles

December 5, 2008

I found myself in the Chicago airport last week delayed along with approximately 200 of my fellow passengers. As is prone to happen when people find themselves as part of a group collectively annoyed by their circumstances, people in the terminal began to chat. An attractive older (40s) man standing near me would occasionally try to make conversation, but I never really engaged him in return. Hours later when I was finally seated on the plane, it occurred to me that he may have been attempting to flirt with me, and I missed all the signs.
I don’t have much, any really, experience with romantic relationships. I spent nearly a decade pouring my energy and emotions into a deep friendship I had hoped would turn into more, and haven’t had more than a few dates in my life total. I am a fiercely independent person and have never actively pursued relationships, but I also feel as though I haven’t taken or recognized some opportunities that came my way because my mind was so closed to the idea. I need to work on exercising my flirt muscle more. I will likely never be a social butterfly, but I can at least learn to recognize flirt when it comes my way and engage it.
Let’s hope I learn fast. I fly again in a week.


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