January 5, 2009

Tomorrow my work year starts and my vacation officially ends.  My two week hiatus was good balance of home vs. travel & family time. Though going home rustles up some complex feelings and self-analysis like nothing else, I was glad to spend the holidays with my family. Epic card card games, nightly cocktail hour, long walks through the neighborhood with my dog, the amazing food and the near breaking of my arm when I slipped on a patch of black ice will all be remembered as the perfect way to end 2008 (aside from the arm thing).

Tomorrow begins the daily pattern I have resolved to battle in 2009. Work – Home -Work in front of TV – Sleep – Repeat does not a fulfilling life make. Be it a glass of wine after work, a trip to a nearby cafe to write, or an exotic trip to a previously unexplored locale, I vow not to get bogged down this year with the business of daily life. I am going to embrace my inner wanderer and give myself a break from feeling like I have to be on a certain life path.

I wonder how one packs for this kind of journey.


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