How Facebook Made Me Whole

January 21, 2009

I am a consummate wanderer.  In my 29.75 years on this planet I have moved nearly a dozen times and traveled to another dozen places. With no one place that I consider home, I feel as though I am a only a fragment of my life’s pieces at any given time. Though I celebrate the diversity (both geographic and otherwise) of my friends, the situational and locality differences are so great that each subset has very little overlap with any other. Every anecdote has to start with an elaborate back-story. The algorithms necessary to remember who knows whom are exhausting.

Enter social networking. A perusal of my Facebook friend list will show you every piece of me. From my pre-school best friend to my newest co-worker, each facet of my life is represented. The walls of their compartments are just a little more transparent now. The histogram of self moves closer to equilibrium.

Facebook completes me. Not exactly the eloquence of Jerry Maguire, but C’est la vie I suppose.


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