I wander more than most, but still not enough

February 18, 2009

5 years ago I moved to NY from Illinois. Part escapism, part fulfilling my need to wander, it was a dream of mine to live here. Truth be told, it was always one of those dreams I never thought would come true. Even my best friend was shocked when I did it. Even I was shocked when I actually did it.

Dream fulfillment is a risky business. Dreams come with an auto-idealism already built in. The reality rarely measures up, though TV often tries to fool you into thinking that it does. I am certainly grateful I had the experience of living in New York, but I am more than ready to leave it behind. It is not the place I want to be long-term. I don’t know where I want to be long-term, or even if I believe in long-term, but I know I am coming to the end of my NYC experience. Aside from the practicalities of a lease and a job, I am kept at status quo because I don’t know the answer to “where next?”. I have no dreams to decide for me this time, I have no place yet I feel could be my next stop.

So, I wander. I travel across the country and globe escaping here and seeking the next dream to fulfill.

I hope I find it soon. All this flying is expensive.

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