March 15, 2009

You walk by a man on the street and catch a whiff of his cologne and are instantly flooded by the memory of your high school prom date.  Rio Bravo is on and you remember a couple of fabulous weekends you spent on the West Coast in 2008. You flip by the sports page and see coverage of the Australian Open and the pain of a love lost returns.

We all have them; the books, words, smells and sights that cause nostalgic mini-tours throughout our days. As my birthday draws closer and time moves closer to the (self-imposed) magic number of 30 years on the planet, I find myself, as many do, contemplating the road not traveled. My path in life has not been that of my peers and I definitely find that I value my journey and even my self less because my road has had a few more twists and bends than others.

My triggers are reminders of a life lived. A life of art and philosophy, of late night chats and revelations, cocktails, card games and so much more. I have to remember that it’s not that I want things I can’t have, it’s that I want things in life I don’t currently have.

I need to remember that distinction and have more faith in it.


One Response to “Triggers”

  1. Gunfighter said

    Triggers can be a wonderful thing. I am 45 years old, and I have so many to go with the unusual, but rich life that I am living.


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