July 27, 2009

With the economic downturn I’ve found myself looking at my purchases over the years and reflecting on their investment in both their emotional and financial worths.  Sometimes you just never know what will end up staying with you for years to come.

I still wear the silver ring I bought in 1997 at the Ontario Art Gallery in Toronto. I’ve worn it daily since I bought it. It never occured to me when I saw it that it would be with me 12 years later. I think it cost me $35 Canadian Dollars at the time.

Though expensive, my iPod is a twice daily used gadget. I definitely could NOT live without it on my commute and with all the flying I do it’s been VITAL to keep me entertained during flights and dreaded airport delays.  I truly consider it an investment in my sanity.

2 years ago I “borrowed” a grey ARMY T-shirt from a friend and still sleep in it nightly. It is still the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and I’ve gotten great comfort out of that “free to me” T-shirt.

I’m not going to add up the amount of money I’ve spent over the years on plane tickets, but I consider Florida, St. Louis, Chicago, London, St. Martan, San Francisco, LA, Aruba, Mexico, Barcelona, New Mexico and Boston some of the best investments I’ve made in my self.

As I look back, I value most the investments I made in experiences. Snowboarding, traveling, anything that had the potential to make a memory and be part of my story.

What purchases have been your best “investments”?


2 Responses to “Investments”

  1. Strange enough, but DVR. When I had all 8 AM courses, this was a lifesaver.

    I also love my Ipod. I saw a girl at the gym yesterday with a portable CD player. I thought, “Ugh, how did I ever use one of those while working out?”.

  2. kaibigan7 said

    Tivo! How on earth could I forget Tivo! DVR is definitely on my list as well. I can NOT imagine life without it.

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