The New Employee Health Care Plan

September 21, 2009

I was in the need of some retail therapy last week so I hit up some stores and did some shopping after work one night. I decided on my purchases (a little black dress, some jeans, a sweater coat and a new handbag) and took them to the register.

A young woman started ringing me up. As she is touching my clothes, this is the conversation we have:

Salesgirl: “I threw up this morning”

Me: “Uh….um that’s too bad”

Salesgirl: “I have a fever now…” She proceeds to LEAN OVER THE COUNTER. “don’t I feel warm?”

Me: “uh……..uh huh….feel better”

I jetted out of there SO FAST and immediately threw my clothes in pile to be washed.

I feel like I should have at least gotten a co-pay for that.

2 Responses to “The New Employee Health Care Plan”

  1. Yeah…just another example why when people are sick they NEED to stay home!

  2. Ugh. That is so friggin’ disgusting!

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