The Dirt of 3 Cities

October 25, 2009

After over 12 hours of travel and a brief layover in Paris, I arrived in Barcelona. First on the agenda was a nap and a shower to wash off the dirt of NY, Paris and Barcelona. Why does sitting on an airplane and in airports make one feel so gross?

My seatmates on the flight to Paris was a young gay couple who were German I think. Very nice boys, who like me, tried to sleep between the many meals they serve you on these long international flights. The plane was huge, 2 floors and looked pretty full. It was an Air France flight and it was strange to be surrounded by so much French while on my way to Spain.

Today I spent some time wandering. I ordered Capuccino in a nearby cafe, mostly because it was the only word I recognized on the menu. I’ve not been eating much yet, as I didn’t study up on the Spanish names for foods before I left. I found an Italian restaurant I’m going to try for dinner tonight, I recognized a lot on their menu. Later on I will hit the hotel wine bar and try some Spanish wines.

So far, I love this city.




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