The Wii – This is no Frogger People – Alternate title: I’m old.

January 12, 2010

My legs ache, I have a twinge in each of my arms and I’ll spare you the details of where and how much discomfort my gluteus maximus is causing me.

No, I haven’t run a marathon, been to the gym or started lifting weights. I have simply been playing the Wii.

I bought myself a Wii and Wii Active as a New Year’s gift. I had enjoyed playing the sports games at my parents house and had heard good things about the Wii Active, so I decided to try it out. Let me tell you, this Wii business is no joke! It is a humbling experience to sweat while playing a video game, but I’ve kept up with it for 10 days now and am having fun with it. The sports games and Wii Active workouts are great, but I have to admit I have the most fun popping in the Just Dance game and working up a sweat grooving to the tunes! J-Lo I’m not, and you certainly won’t catch me in a semi-nude catsuit in Times Square any time soon, but in the privacy of my own home, with the shades drawn, you will find me channeling my inner Tina Turner and bustin’ a move.

Let’s just hope I don’t break a hip in the process.


One Response to “The Wii – This is no Frogger People – Alternate title: I’m old.”

  1. babiesgottahaveit said

    Ok that’s it. I am totally totally taking my last paycheck from my job and buying one. That’s it. You were the little bit of influence I needed to tip me over the edge. Where can I get a Wii cheap…?

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