That is SO not you

January 29, 2010

I was shopping online at work (um..during my lunch break of course….) and a coworker walked by and saw one of my purchases, commented that the shirt was “so not you” and remarked that I shouldn’t buy it.

Not me.

I’m not sure I have my own definition of what that is for myself, and the thought that someone else had one for me was jarring. I have my likes and dislikes certainly, especially when it comes to clothing, but I’m not sure I have ever looked at something and rejected it because it “wasn’t me”.

Who is this “me” she thinks exists? I’ve always thought most people perceived me simply as the “quiet girl in the corner who should be left alone until sufficiently caffeinated”. The label, albeit an eliminatory one, got me thinking. I’m ok with not having a clear definition of self, but am I ok with other people having a definition for me. I suppose you can only control how you are presented, not percieved.

Unless, of course, I’m wearing that shirt apparently.


2 Responses to “That is SO not you”

  1. Jane said

    Well! That seems a bit presumptuous on her part, no!?

  2. Karen said

    I think so! On a side note, I LOVE the shirt and can’t wait to wear it and see if she notices!

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