It’s Hard to be Ferocious on a Loveseat

March 5, 2010

When I got her 12 years ago, I had high hopes my dog Ginger would be not only a great family companion animal, but also a protector. As a rescue, she had some “issues”. The list of things she is afraid of seems to still grow daily.  Candles, matches, cell phones, answering machines, the dryer, the vacuum, dustbuster, broom, fly swatter, fireplace, fireworks, any loud noises, any semi-quiet noises…..the list is endless. Still, I always thought she had the animal instinct in her somewhere in her 50lbs of Irish Setter.

My parents are preparing their house for moving and needed to have some workmen come look at some water damage. Ginger was laying in her usual spot on the couch when the doorbell rang and my dad went to answer it. A man entered the house and Ginger barked from her perch. He looked at her, but kept moving farther in the house, so she STOOD UP on the couch and barked. He looked at her and laughed.

Never in her “protector” state did she ever get down from the couch.  So much for her surviving in the wild.

Unless the “wild” now comes furnished.


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