The Honeymoon Phase of Co-habitation is Officially Over

June 25, 2010

Tonight R and I are hosting a small gathering of people in our “new” house. The plan is to attempt grilling pizza and I am hoping my visions of smoky, slightly charred bits of cheesy goodness aren’t dashed my a ruined grill with dough bits sinking through the slats, but I digress.

Last night I needed to make a couple of batches of dough for our party and I asked R if I could borrow his mom’s KitchenAid Mixer for the job. He went and got it for me and left me to my dough making.

I dumped the ingredients in the bowl and set it to mix and in 5 minutes had an amazingly perfect dough ball that I may have shed a tear over. I went down the hall to find him and looked into his eyes and said “I’m in love”. He gazed adoringly into my eyes and said “I love you too, baby.”

I looked down at my feet and turned bright red. He looks at me and says “Oh. You meant the mixer didn’t you?”



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