It’s time for another installment of what I have been making! I made this last night and it was a FANTASTIC weeknight meal that came together easy and both me and the Boy loved it.

Meatball Pie
1 package double pie crust, thawed
1 cup marinara sauce
1 package Frozen Meatballs (I used turkey, but chicken, regular or soy would work), thawed and quartered
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Follow the directions on the pie crust packaging for double pie crust. While filling, first spoon 2 Tbsp of sauce on the pie crust and spread to cover. Add meatballs and top with remaining sauce and cheese. Continue with the rest of the directions on the package, baking 20 minutes or until the top is golden.

I had to cover the edges of my crust halfway through with foil so they didn’t burn and I definitely suggest doing this.  This was SO yummy that I can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch today!!


Catch Up

July 19, 2010

I haven’t blogged in nearly a month??? Well, you guys are in desperate need of a catch up then! A lot has happened!

First and foremost, I have fled NYC and have moved across the river to New Jersey! I am loving my new digs and have been having fun turning the “his bachelor pad” into “our home”.  I have also recently purchased a new car, so I can most often be seen riding around town in my cute VW Tiguan cranking some tunes! Ok fine…in all honesty it’s more like I can most often be found in the Trader Joes parking lot trying to prevent the shopping cart from hitting my beloved new car, but I’m not ready to fully embrace my pseudo-New Jersey housewife status quite yet.

I love having a proper kitchen again and do NOT miss my “no counters, minimal cabinet space, tiny apt oven” NYC kitchen at all. I’ve been cooking up a storm lately trying out new recipes. I’ve had numerous successes, and just one minor fail involving a very salty pork tenderloin. Most of my successes involve ingredients from the garden, where R’s mom grows herbs, tomatoes, peppers, snap peas and all kinds of tasty things! We are definitely spoiled by her green thumb!

Also, I have gotten myself addicted to Lost. I never saw the show or got into it while it was on, but in a recent bout with boredom and some Hulu browsing led to the realization that the entire series is on Hulu right now, so I have started from the beginning and am almost done with season 1. I have to limit myself to only watching 2 episodes a day though or else my dreams get kind of intense. I’m glad I didn’t get into this show when I was traveling a lot though…I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to get back on a plane again after so much crash footage!

I also celebrated a 2 year milestone with my photography company. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me throughout the years! It’s just proof that dreams really can be made into reality.