Food Glorious Food

April 6, 2010

I stumbled across Jamie Oliver’s new show Food Revolution while browsing Hulu while bored one day at work home and instantly became hooked.  I remember my own school lunch being french fries or a huge soft pretzel and a soda.  I always chose to go through the ala carte line instead of the “real food” line. I honestly couldn’t even tell you what kind of food the other line even offered and whether it was healthy or not.  I checked my old school website today to view the “real food” line lunch choices.  There were 7 options: 1) Corn Dog 2) Hamburger on bun 3) Cheeseburger on bun 4) Chicken patty on bun 5) Pizza 6) Italian sub 7) Chef salad.  Fruit and fries were the side dish options.

I don’t blame the schools as much as the show seems to, I take full responsibility for making poor food choices.  Though perhaps limited, healthier options were available to me, I just never chose them.  Still though, I like the idea of bringing awareness to what we are eating and the impact it is having. In recent years I have made an effort to cook more from scratch, but I still struggle with good vs. bad choices daily.  I definitely do agree though that if we can educate kids both at home and/or school to make the better choices, a food revolution WILL come.

Until then I’ll be sitting on my butt eating fries….just kidding.  Sort of.


Faux Pants

April 5, 2010

I find the newest trend of leggings that look like pants VERY odd.

What’s next, just painting clothes on our bodies? I guess that would at least cut back on laundry.

Purse Irony

March 17, 2010

My purse currently contains 2 healthy eating cookbooks and 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.


February 24, 2010

I never knew true pain until I got a staph infection in my thigh.  I am on day 2 of antibiotics, but every single step is still excruciating pain. I’m no wimp when it comes to dealing with pain, but this has had me near tears.  It came on so suddenly, within just a few days it had spread throughout my leg and was causing a fever.

Listen to your mothers! Wash those cuts out with hydrogen peroxide and keep them clean!


January 10, 2010

Resolutions get a bad rep, especially around the time of the new year. I, for one, like resolutions. There is something empowering about the decision to change, whether it lasts for a day, a week or a lifetime.  I like looking at a new year as a clean slate, knowing that no matter what it will be a little bit better and a little bit worse than the previous year, no matter what resolve I had after too much gin in the hours before Midnight on the 1st. Motivation to keep up the resolve, the ease of falling into old patterns and routine, that is where the toxic thinking hides, not in the resolution itself.

What do I wish for the new year? More fun, a better handle on my finances, more adventures and definitely more gin. Though I’m guessing those last two will go hand in hand.

May you all have adventures of your own in 2010. If you don’t, feel free to join me in mine. You bring the limes.

The Year of the Freezer

January 3, 2010

My house is immaculate, everything is always in its place. My computer hard drive is so organized it would make you cry. I have an unhealthy obsession with my label maker. But I also have a dirty little secret.

My freezer is an absolute jam packed sea of mystery. I am a freezer junky.

As someone who lives alone and only cooks for myself, I often end up freezing 1/2 of my meals to “save for later”. Unfortunately, later rarely comes and then I end up starting the new year looking at remnants of cashews, a casserole yet to be determined, cranberries, unidentifiable cheeses and mountains of bags with foil wrapped surprises that could be anything from meatloaf to muffins. And let us not forget pasta sauce. Oh the prime freezer real estate that is being taken up by the MOUNDS of pasta sauce I made after deciding to make my own and not heeding the instructions to halve the recipe if not feeding the entire state of New York.

Anyone have any idea what you can make with 15 bags of homemade sauce, 5lbs of chicken breasts, miscellaneous frozen vegetables pieces, mystery cheese, a brick of tofu and 3 bags of frozen strawberries?

3 weeks ago my dog, Ginger, had a bug of some sorts.

2 weeks ago, both my parents got H1N1

Last week my sister came down with something.


I have a temp of 102 and the flu.


Family togetherness……and we live in 3 different States.


November 3, 2009

I voted in today’s local elections and was saddened by the absolute dismal turnout. At 8am I was the ONLY person in my polling place. I live in NYC….you are never ANYWHERE without a hundred other people.

Vote people! Not everyone everywhere gets to!

I was in the need of some retail therapy last week so I hit up some stores and did some shopping after work one night. I decided on my purchases (a little black dress, some jeans, a sweater coat and a new handbag) and took them to the register.

A young woman started ringing me up. As she is touching my clothes, this is the conversation we have:

Salesgirl: “I threw up this morning”

Me: “Uh….um that’s too bad”

Salesgirl: “I have a fever now…” She proceeds to LEAN OVER THE COUNTER. “don’t I feel warm?”

Me: “uh……..uh huh….feel better”

I jetted out of there SO FAST and immediately threw my clothes in pile to be washed.

I feel like I should have at least gotten a co-pay for that.

September 18, 2009

I’m beginning to think I’m a one date pony.